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New Products For July - Automotive

U-POL Abrasive Latex Paper Discs 6+1H

Latex paper backing ensures maximum dur...

U-POL Abrasive Premium Film Discs 6+1H

Super even surface delivers ultra smoot...

TRADE GROUP 7 Hole Velcro Discs (747 Material)

T-Euro 7 hole 747 velcro discs are avai...

TORNADO flexible abrasive discs 6+1 hole

Available in P1000, P1200, P1500, P2000...

Sait wet and dry paper 100 sheets (Boxed)

Wet and dry paper. A wide range availab...

Sait wet and dry paper 50 sheets (Boxed)

Sait wet and dry ultra fine paper. P150...