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2-pack mixed paints

2-pack mixed paints

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We mix all our car and bike paints onsite using one of two mixing schemes Lechler and bernardo ecenarro. We will happily mix any colour you require. All we need from you is the cars paint code, make and colour and we will try and find your colour. Should you need help in locating your paint code please email or call us and we will assist you in doing so.

Please note, We will always mix the colours standard shade unless other wise stated. Some car manufactures have many variants of the same colour and this can lead to the wrong variant.

Should you have any doubts in your vehicles shade, you can come into the shop or post a small piece of the vehicle ie wing mirror cover or petrol flap. With that we will colour match your car with our extensive library of paint colour swatches.

Prices are as follows

2K Aerosol 20.40

250ml 9.00

500ml 16.80

1 litre 32.40

2.5 litres 81.00

5 litres 162.00